Saturday, May 21, 2011

‘The Insouciant’- Debut Collection from Alali Boutique

I stumbled upon these pictures on Bella Naija and i was hooked. The collection is from Alali boutique which i assume is based in Lagos but i could be wrong. Bright colored prints and enterprising Nigerians? Count me in. Here is a brief introduction from Bella's website.
Alali Boutique focuses on pret-a-porter. There are no over-elaborate cuts, or avant-garde styles, and I am not seeking for their designs to appeal to me in that way. I want clean lines, a proper finish, and everyday chic sophistication. The appeal- is the designs ability to instill an interest in me to get it off the rack and wear it to a movie with my friends! Dress it up! Dress it down! Channel my style through these pieces. I am not going for fashion, but opting for a platform to express my individual style.
The collection is called ‘The Insouciant’, which means ‘a casual lack of concern or indifference’. ‘Insouciant’ can also be used in place of words such as ‘care-free’, ‘easy-going’ or as Nigerians would say, ‘I-DONT-CARE’. While these words all have negative hints, it is important that such insouciance is not confused with a lack of passion.
‘The Insouciant’ knows what is important to her and is passionate about it, however she also knows that nothing is ever ‘do-or-die’. The Insouciant represents that freedom and liberation in knowing that there are many doors- When one closes, the other opens. ‘The Insouciant’ is an attitude to life as well as an attitude to fashion- it is easy-going, unhampered and comfortable.
 What i like the most about this collection is that it is ready to wear and also shows how you can incorporate pieces from the collection with items already in your own closet. That Dark Fuschia top and the Ankara skirt is a combination every woman can achieve. Here are some more fashion porn for your viewing pleasure.

I want this entire outfit right now!

If you just absolutely have to have one of these pieces in your wardrobe you can contact The Boutique
for prices on their Alali Boutique Blog on

From Bella Naija-
Prices range from N5,900-N17,700
For enquiries email us on or call 07066912089 or 08188877088
Follow Alali Boutique on and on the Alali Boutique facebook group
Peter Bello
Make-up: Lape Oyebanjo
Styling: Odiri Obrutse
Models: Idu Onumonu, Carmen Ohen, Anne Olatunji, Ijeoma Onumonu
Design: Oroma Cookey-Gam


  1. this collection is delightful!
    love the dress on the right in the pic! i waaaant


  2. wow amazing love the white maxi so so gorgeous x

  3. This is a great collection. Wow. And a nice surprise to see my friend's sisters modeling it.

  4. it really is a great collection.

  5. she it are really magnificent these dresses